The problem

Busy workers stats

1 Email Takes Up 28% of Workers' Time
2 Radicati group on 105 emails per day
3 Manage inbox overload (2'5h/day)

The solution is...

Work smarter with emails

A new innovative way of working with your emails

  • Convert your emails into beautiful chats with superpowers.

  • Get to know all the context about a conversation with one click: people involved, all the attachments, calendar events...

  • Read quicker and reply faster with our intelligent visual composer.

Take control of your time

Smart filters to group your messages together

  • Decide when you want to receive what

  • Receive real-time alerts for critical projects in your company.

  • Enable 24h digests to know what has happened in the last day in your company.

More features

Join the work revolution!

The first beta release of Dailyfocus will be launched on June 2017. Meanwhile, we are going to release one alpha version for testing each month. Do you want to keep up to date with our progress? Join our private beta!

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